Sports Starting System

The Sports Starting System is a portable public address system and stand alone tone generation unit, with a selectable choice of simulated pistol shot, football siren and swimming tones for all type of activities including swimming, athletics, school and general sports. The Sports Starting System can be ordered with any combination of starting / shot tones depending on the intended use. The system now offers a wireless option for the microphone and start button which operates up to 60 metres in an open environment.

Sports Starting SystemThe sports starting system is portable (approx 4kg) and replaces the cap gun or starter pistol with an easy to set up and use electronic system that interfaces directly to various electronic timing systems, providing both normally open and normally closed contacts.  The startup defaults can be set for:

  • the preferred tone or shot
  • normally closed or normally open contacts
  • call back/false start or no call back

but all these setting can be manually selected during the set up period each time the system is switched on. Other optional tone routines (in any combination) include:

  • standard alert and evacuation
  • standard beep test (20 metres)

The Sports Starting System provides a timer port connector for the operation with any timing system that is triggered by normally open or normally close contacts, these include:  ‘Time Machine, Arpee / ATP 301 Electronic Timing and Finish Lynx used by Little Athletics, Take Your Mark’ and Dolphin Wireless Stopwatch System  used by Swimming Clubs and Schools. An audio (AUX) connector allows audio signals to be input or output from the system to either a public address system or UHF portable radio system allowing race officials to broadcast information and events to competitors.

System control panel Sports Starting System - Control Panel Standard items and features of the sports starting system include:

  • Talk through public address amplifier capable of delivering 30 watts (RMS) of power to the fixed speaker.
  • Microphone handset with Press To Talk (PTT) and starter button.
  • Microphone volume control.
  • Extension microphone cable.
  • Adjustable time keepers / competitors strobe light.
  • Normally open or closed contacts to interface with a timing system if used.
  • Auxilary input / output for audio / PA
  • Rechargeable sealed lead acid batteries providing 8 -10 hours continuous operation.
  • Mains charger pack (which will only charge the batteries when the system is switched off).

The sports starting system is safe and reliable to use in all weather conditions or in pool areas.  Charging of the system from the mains can only be achieved while the system is switched off to prevent the system from being charged by the pool or in potentially unsafe areas.