Electronic Starting System

Electronic Starting System and PA for all types of sport

Retire the starter pistol or starting gun… no more misfires or wet caps!

A flexible electronic starting system that provides swimming tone, simulated gun shot and football siren for all levels of swimming, athletics and school sports indoors or outdoors. The system provides an integrated 30 watt portable public address amplifier (60w with extension speaker) and electronic starting system for:

  • club and interclub swimming events
  • athletic sporting events
  • school sporting events
  • sounding the start and stop of play
  • football and other general ball sports
  • rowing and training

The timekeepers light which can also be adjusted for use by hearing impaired competitors to provide a fair start for all participants.

The system provides an effective method for trainers, coaches and teachers to address a large group either indoors or outdoors where background noise makes voice speech difficult.  The system now includes the option of wireless operation for the microphone and race start function.

Many Organizations and Schools are currently reviewing the use of caps for starter guns and pistols due to the potential OH&S hazard they pose and the Sports Starting System provides an effective alternative, for safe and reliable operation in starting race events.

The overall dimensions of housing and speaker 300x260x240mm (WxDxH), can operate continuously for up to 10 hours without the need to recharge the system.  The system also provides user selectable options for standalone operation or linking with a variety of timing systems.  

The system works well with the Little Athletics electronic timing gates, Finishlynx and Timing Solutions systems along with a number of swimming timing systems. Suitable linking cables can be supplied for these systems. Please contact us for details.